High Quality Voice
Works Within Other Applications
Play And Pause at Any Time
Send to Phone

Have Your Computer Read to You

Create Audiobooks

Listen On the Go

Keyboard Shortcuts


Can I use Speechify on my iPad/iPod?

Yes, Speechify works on all iOS devices.

Can I use Speechify on my computer?

You can use Speechify on any Mac running OS 10.11 and above. So you need macOS Sierra or macOS El Capitan.
If you have an earlier version Mac Operating System, simply go to the App Store on your Mac and update for free.
Speechify currently does not work on Microsoft Computers, but a Chrome version is in development!

Future Features

Speechify Chrome extension - Send article to your phone in one click
Speechify for Chrome Books and PCs
Speechify for Android
Speechify for Safari on mobile - Send articles from mobile browser to Speechify on your phone