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Frequently asked questions about Speechify

How long is the free trial of Speechify Pro?

After downloading Speechify, you can use Speechify Pro for your first 100,000 words.

Is there a version for Windows?

Yes! You can use the Speechify Chrome extension on Windows. There is currently no native windows app though.

One of the main Speechify features is not working for me (the OCR feature, Send PDF to phone, HD voice, etc), what should I do?

This is not your fault. So many new users have been signing up and heavily using Speechify recently that our server is breaking under the load. As a result, some of our features that use the server are not reliable and often fail. We are working round the clock to scale and rearchitect our server so it can handle all of this traffic and usage. We know exactly how to do this and are moving very consistently towards the solution. We expect to have these issues fixed soon so every Speechify feature works perfectly for you, for every person who has grown to rely on Speechify, and the people you keep sharing Speechify with.

If you have already subscribed to Speechify and are frustrated with these features not being available in the short term, we can definitely put ourselves in your shoes and understand your frustration. In that case, if it is important to you, we encourage you to pursue a refund.

If you have subscribed to Speechify through our website simply email with the email you subscribed with and we can issue you a refund through Stripe. This should take 6-10 business days.

If you have subscribed on mobile via the Apple App Store, to get a refund you would need to interface with Apple to get the refund, not with us, since they handle all of those payments. To do so here is a helpful guide. Instead of searching for “Hotspot Shield”, search for anything that includes the word Speechify.

The Chrome extension is not reading google docs, what should I do?

At the moment, sadly, Speechify on chrome cannot read google docs. It will be able to in the future (and was able to in the past) but at the moment it cannot due to a recent google change we are working on solving. We do not yet know when this issue will be resolved. As a short term solution we recommend pasting the body of a google doc into the body of an email or any other big text field in the browser and reading it from there. This is not a sufficient solution in our minds, but is the next best thing until this issue will be resolved.

Is there a version for Android?

Not yet. Speechify is currently only available on macOS, iOS, and Google Chrome. There are plans to build an Android app in the pipeline.

Can I read a PDF?


On macOS, drag the file to the Speechify icon, located in your toolbar, or click on the PDF or highlight text in the PDF and press the play button.

On iPhone/iPad, open the PDF in Safari and follow the instructions for adding an article which can be found when you click the "+" button in the app and then "Add article".

Can I use Speechify with iBooks?

Not directly. The best thing you can do is turn your book from iBooks into a PDF file and then use your Mac or iPhone/iPad app to make an audiobook from the PDF.